Interviste varie, syn e rev con papa gates

Come potete vedere stiamo aggiornando il sito, inserendo le sezioni dedicate allo street team. Le termineremo appena possibile. Per ora e’ gia’ disponibile il materiale per fare street team sul web (E-Team), il materiale per crearvi la maglia del sito e la parte dedicata ai contest del sito!

&bull Le novita’ sulla band di Orange County non si fermano qui’.

Papa Gates alias Brian Senior, papa’ di Syn, ha recentemente annunciato sul suo myspace che sta collaborando con suo figlio Syn e con The Rev, per incidere il suo cd natalizio.
Chissa’ cosa ne uscira’!

&bull Il nuovo singolo Dear God, uscira’ il 7 luglio. Disponibile anche una “special edition” che conterra’ anche a Little piece of heaven, una versione di Afterlife, gia’ inclusa nel pacchetto I-tunes che includeva anche Crossroads. Questa special edition conterra’ anche un’altra canzone live a sorpresa.

&bull Ecco un’intervista fatta in Canada a Syn e M Shadows:

&bull Iniziano a farsi strada delle ipotesi sul titolo del dvd live della band. “Road to Realization” sembrerebbe il piu’ accreditato.
Dalle ultime indiscrezione sembra che “Walk” non sara’ l’unica cover metal della band, che ci riservera’ non poche sorprese.

Questa intervista ci testimonia proprio queste ultime indiscrezioni:

Buzznet: Why did you pick the Long Beach show as the one to immortalize on “Road to Realization”?

Zacky Vengeance: We’re actually still working on that title. Not sure what it will ultimately will be called. We’ve been tossing some names around but nothing is 100 percent. We chose the LBC because it’s close to our hometown of Huntington Beach and a town we’ve been hanging around in all our lives.

Buzznet: Which B-sides can we expect on the DVD? Tell us a little about each one.

Vengeance: For those of you who bought the MVI version of our last record and saw our “Making of Avenged Sevenfold,” you know we recorded a bunch more songs than what actually made the album. It was the first time we had done that for a record, and the songs were scrapped not because they were bad or not good enough. We left them on the studio floor because some didn’t necessarily fit with the theme of our record. As much as I’d love to ruin the surprise right here and now, I want to wait and let the fans voice their opinion of the B-sides. We like them all, hence us not keeping them under wraps.

Buzznet: Share some of the Taste of Chaos highlights and lowlights.

Vengeance: The highlights were definitely the turnout and getting to play with bands who are actually a lot of fun to hang out with. If you’re not having fun headlining arenas every night, you should eat a di–. The only thing that sucked about Taste of Chaos was when Bullet [for My Valentine] had to go home before the last several shows because bassist Jay [James’] daughter got really sick. Thankfully she’s better now and we got to raise the most hell in Australia a couple weeks ago [after TOC ended].

Buzznet: Are you nervous about opening for Iron Maiden?

Vengeance: Anxious better describes what I’m feeling. They’re legends, obviously. It’s an honor to share a stage with them. We had the privilege of playing with Metallica last year and learned so much from them. It’s always a pleasure to play with your idols. When you see how a band like Iron Madien or Metallica has played year in and year out, it makes you so thankful just to be out living your dream and playing every day for people who appreciate what you do.

Buzznet: Were you offered the chance to play Warped this year? Are you interested in playing next year?

Vengeance: When Warped Tour lets us blow sh– up, you’ll probably find us there. They probably wouldn’t want us ‘cuz we would clean house on all the chicks and scare the emo kids.

Buzznet: Any collaborations coming up? The more details the better.

Vengeance: I was thinking of collaborating with Darth Vader. I like that Dark Side sh– a lot. I just like collaborating with my bandmates, writing stupid songs backstage that make fun of stuff. Maybe someday we’ll release a joke side project.

Buzznet: Your cover of Pantera’s “Walk” has gotten great reception. Have you thought about doing any more covers, and if so, which ones?

Vengeance: Today I have to sit in the f—ing studio for the next few days on my only time off I’ve had in six months to record some covers. Fortunately they happen to be an Iron Maiden song and a Black Sabbath song … otherwise I would have to resort to that dark-side sh–.

Buzznet: Do you think you’ll self-produce your next effort?

Vengeance: Not sure really … we’re open to working with producers. I prefer consumers. I like to drink. We will always be a part of producing our albums, even if some big-shot’s name is where ours happens to be on this latest album.

Buzznet: Looking back, where do you think Avenged Sevenfold would be right now had “Bat Country” not happened?

Vengeance: “Bat Country” did help us a lot. So I wont deny its effect. I still believe, though, we are a band with more depth than one song. Oddly enough, our band is about 10 times bigger now then we were at the height of “Bat Country.” Our fans worldwide are proof that A7X works without a radio single because … well … we’re selling out arenas in obscure areas around the world where our songs have never been on TV or the radio.

Buzznet: What sort of new “Zacky V. Presents …” designs are you working on?

Vengeance: I scrapped all that Zacky V. Presents stuff. It’s just Vengeance University now. I think it has a nice ring to it. I have been putting more effort into it the last couple months then anything I’ve ever done in my life, with the exception of Avenged. It’s going to be launching this month. [Go to] for more info.

Buzznet: Do you have any new piercings or tats, or have you thought about getting any? If so, tell us about them.

Vengeance: Naw, I go through phases a lot. Three weeks ago I was dressing like Clark Gable or the ice cream man, two weeks ago I was dressing like Bobby Jones, last week I was dressing like my cool self. I’m over piercing for the moment, but I’d like to get some gangster writing on my stomach since I haven’t finished it yet. Maybe Mister Cartoon or Kat [Von D] will do it.

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