“I think you gotta have balls to be an Avenged fan sometimes. A lot of our fans get hated on just as much as us. To me Avenged fans aren’t just fans of a band, they are fans of everything that surrounds it, like a life style. We live it, you live it. You go to the shows and you can feel it. It’s a great experience and people that aren’t involved will never understand. So they can stand on the side lines and talk, but we will continue to do just what makes us happy.” – Matt

“Our fanbase is like a fanbase that all other bands are jealous of cause they know our fans stay with us with every record it just gets bigger and bigger.” – Matt

“Our fans have Avenged tattoos, they’re crazy, they’re obsessed they buy all the merch, they’re at all the shows.” – Matt

“We just have crazy fans. They’re very loyal. We respect them for that and we’re very lucky to have them.” – Matt

“I think the problem is that most of the metal crowd don’t like our fans. They are so passionate about the band. I mean, I love our fans. They are the best in the world but it’s one of those things.” – Matt

“There’s already not enough rock and roll fans out there, so, we can’t lose any of you guys” – Matt

“I’m not sure about the funniest but by far, the coolest is when fans show us their Avenged tattoos. That kind of shit makes us so excited. That’s the ultimate sacrifice for a band, and I love it when I see Avenged inks” – Matt

“Our fans like our honesty. They know they’ll get the truth from us. That’s why they become fanatic. It’s like a life style, a look and a vibe. You might not agree with what we say but you know where not bullshitting. We don’t smell of corporate shit.” – Matt

“It’s surprising because it’s a fan base we never expected to grab with our music, so it was pretty unexpected.” – Johnny

“We wouldn’t be anything without them. They’r great.” – Johnny

“We’re lucky and thankful for all of our fans that have been with us through the whole thing” – Johnny

“I’m just proud and I’m touched when I see someone with a new Avenged Sevenfold tat. and now I always make sure I check them out if they’re sportin’one. That’s meaningful when you put someone else’s ink on your body.” – Jimmy

“The type of music we play, we have fans that are lifers, just like I’m lifer for my favourite bands.” – Jimmy

“I love all my fans even if I haven’t met them. They mean so much to me.” – Jimmy

“Our fans are pretty die hard about us. I think we have one of the best fan bases in the world.” – Jimmy

“We’ve had a lot of fans that have come up and said that we’ve helped them fhrough tough times and even saved their lives. And we don’t take that lightly. It means a lot to us and it inspires us to keep doing what we do because we’ve all beein in truly, truly, truly dark places… After we lost The Rev, we lost our ambition for everything in life. And it was because of our fans that we continued, so the fact that we’re able to return the favor is truly a blessing.” – Zacky

“And for all our fans that are there we wanna keep them happy forever…” – Zacky

“Fans and friends are considered family. Being an A7X fan isn’t always easy because it means you’re not only gonna laugh with us, but cry with us and defend us on occasion. If you’re part of the family it’s for life.” – Zacky

“They [the fans] share all the success that we have with us. They share all the tragedy with us. That’s what makes Avenged Sevenfold different. We don’t go out there with big rockstar egos and attitudes. We go onstage and we bring it. And when it comes to our fans, we appreciate them and we take them for the ride from the very beginning. We never, y’know, cared about being on TV.” – Zacky

“I can honestly tell you if it wasn’t for our fans, there would not be Avenged Sevenfold right now. The fans would send in hundreds and thousands of letters, and they’d make books begging us to keep going and thanking us for what we have done and honoring Jimmy. They held vigils all over the world.” – Zacky

“We love our fans, we want them to be happy” – Zacky

“They support the changes. We’re all about the change. We don’t want to be the same band and that’s really hard for a fan.” – Brian

“We always knew we were really close with our fans, but we never considered how much kinship we really do have, they LOVED Jimmy. They were in tears, they were shattered, you know. And to us its like ‘Well, they didnt really know him, did they?’, but they did, they absolutely did.” – Brian

“They support the changes. We’re all about the change. We don’t want to be the same band and that’s really hard for a fan.” – Brian

“We might not have the prettiest fans…but we definitely have the awesomest fans.” – Brian

“We didn’t want fans to see us happy, we didn’t want fans to see us sad, we didn’t want anybody to be able to judge us when we had to do something that we needed to do to carry on a legacy.” Brian

“And most importantly…the fans and the Fallen…The ones that have stuck by us from the beginning, helped us along the way, represented us, defended us, spread the word, sacrificed flesh for us and will be with us forever. This is for you.” Ringraziamenti di All Excess